Feline Advisory Bureau: Neutering Your Cat, Animal Humane Society: Aggression in Household Cats, American Animal Hospital Association: Feline Development, Social Behavior & Communication. Siamese cats can show signs of puberty as soon as 4 months of age, while other breeds may not reach sexual maturity until they're 10 months old. Unfortunately, their mating season is about February to October (but it does vary). This time frame varies among individual kittens. Certain breeds typically mature at a … It is also the case that if male cats are spayed later, they may continue aggressive scent-marking (spraying with urine), out of sheer force of habit. The kitten is still a KITTEN, therefore still in it's growing stage of life. Cats do not go about the process quietly, and to the unpractised ear the process sounds remarkably like a prolonged and very vocal cat-fight. Short-haired breeds will typically begin to cycle earlier, while long-haired or larger breeds may not show signs of heat until 18 months of age. When female cats cannot mate, every 21–29 days they become more affectionate, they rub up against objects at home frequently, they mark with their scent and they make a peculiar meow. Female Cat Health: If you have a female cat, you need to know about female cat health issues. Cats reproduce sexually and they become sexually mature as early as 6 to 9 months old. It is very common for female cats in heat to exhibit kneading. Pregnancy lasts between 56 and 71 days, with the average pregnancy taking 68 days. Once sexually mature, queens have regular heat cycles during which they may demonstrate restlessness, calling and wailing, squirming, rubbing and presenting the rear in attempts to attract a mate. In general, by 5 to 6 months of age, cats have reached adolescence. Cats have scent glands on their pads. Male cats start spraying around the age of 6 months---this is the time when they reach sexual maturity. One day though, felines hit adolescence in what often feels like the blink of an eye. The simple fact is that a male cat is wired to find a female cat in heat, and a female cat will continue to have a heat cycle until she mates. Sexual behavior by cats is a pretty gnarly business. If the kittens are pedigreed, the father is referred to as the 'sire' and the technical term for the mother is the 'dam'. Cats usually become sexually mature at about six months, but with males, it often takes longer. The mother can come into heat as soon as four weeks after giving birth. At around 6 months or so, you may notice the beginnings of a tomcat's classic hormonal behavioral patterns. This duration does vary however with some cats only reaching maturity at a year. The kittens were born on the 7th of August. Kittens are both blind and deaf when born but otherwise well developed. Nuetered cats are much better pets and studies have also shown that females spayed before they are six months have a significantly reduced risk of mammary (breast) cancer. Cats may also knead when they are sexually active. This means that she's in season and ready to mate. A female cat seasonally comes in heat, or becomes sexually receptive, but she can breed at any time of the year. A few days before she is due to give birth the pregnant female will become restless and will look for the best nest. As veterinarian Key explains, male kittens go through some notable milestones before reaching sexual maturity as a Tom cat capable of fathering kittens. These surgical procedures are often conducted on felines that have not yet become sexually mature. Sexual maturity: Generally, female cats can become sexually mature by the time they are five to six months old, and this is signaled through the first heat cycle. Chapter 6 Female Feline Sexual Behavior Throughout the years when cats have been closely associated with humans, selective breeding has accentuated certain color patterns and physical features. Does Your Cat Like to, Umm, Pleasure Himself? Because pregnancy will not take place without this stimulus, quite often the first cat to mate with a queen with not father any kittens. It may not be advisable or particularly safe for a female cat to Kittens who become old enough to be sexually mature during the non-breeding season will delay their first estrus (heat) until the breeding season starts again. kanicbird July 9, 2006, 12:46pm #5 Sometime female cats can get ‘stimulated’ by scratching them by their tail on their back. Unfortunately there are so many poor kittens and cats in our shelters, due to many cats running off to breed. For example, a male cat may display aggressive behaviors at this time, perhaps attempting to fight with other cats in your household. For late ones, it can take up to one year. The call varies in length anywhere from 3-7 days depending on the cat, and she w… The female cat has scents called pheromones in her urine that indicate to suitors her fertility and location. Again dipping to a feline book of records we will find that the most prolific breeder ever recorded was a tabby from Texas, USA called Dusty. It’s a complete myth that young female cats need to have a litter before they are neutered, or that you should allow them to have one season first. As we said earlier cats are prolific breeders and can breed throughout their lifespan. When a female cat does become pregnant, her kittens can have different fathers. Cats are prolific breeders. A male waits for his moment and then darts after the female, pouncing on her from behind, biting her in the neck and pinning her to the ground, while he intromits his barbed penis. Female cats, known as queens, can become sexually mature from just four months of age. The male cat's penis has backward pointing spines which scratch the interior of its partner, and cause ovulation to occur. I would strongly recommend that you have him neutered if you are not planning on breeding him. One of the most interesting features of the reproductive process of cats is a phenomenon known as induced ovulation. Be prepared to deal with the "consequences" of a hormonal cat. Female cats come in heat in the months of January to September, but house cats may experience estrous cycles all year long. Kittens can become sexually active from the age of between four to five months, and from this stage they will only have one thing on their minds! Female cats indicate their readiness to mate by calling for male company with a special type of yowl, which like the (highly vocal) mating itself has often disturbed the sleep of humans who live in the vicinity. It may seem a little disproportionate, but your kitten will soon grow into its long legs and body just like a human preteen does. Cats may mate several different times during this stage before becoming pregnant. Oh my goodness, no. She produced 420 kittens, the last litter being in 1952. Male cats as young as a few months may begin to show signs of sexual interest, but are unlikely to father kittens just yet. If you're concerned about your cat's sexual maturity -- and also the possibility of breeding -- speak to your veterinarian about the safest and most appropriate time for spaying or neutering your specific kitty. Females take just 6 to 9 months to reach sexual maturity; but it is not unheard of for female kittens as young as 4 months to become pregnant. Female kittens can then go into heat and become pregnant even though they're little more than kittens themselves. When Male Cats Become Sexually Aroused. Thus, the heat cycles usually happen between spring … For cats in general, production hormones are triggered by long days’ light. 😻 During the estrus phase, female cats in heat will be open for mating – so be sure to follow our recommendations below to ensure you handle your cat in heat with care and caution. What age does a male cat become sexually active? This is the period where queens aren’t sexually active. The record was a litter 19 kittens; the mother being a Burmese/Siamese cross from Oxfordshire in England. Certain breeds typically mature at a faster rate. If your cat is participating in any of these behaviors, sexual maturity is the very plausible culprit. How Often Do Cats Go Into Heat? This is called Ovarian Remnant Syndrome. This will normally be quiet, warm and in one of the darker parts of the house. Cats may come in heat around three to four times per year. When queens reach reproductive maturity, they begin their heat cycles. At that time, she will indicate her status by vocalizing, and male cats will come to mate with her. When your male cat becomes too aggressive while kneading, you better move out of his way. Therefore there is no age after which a female cat can no longer become pregnant. This is designed to advertise her availability to local roaming males, letting them know that she is ready for mating and is in peak condition to carry young. Having entire female cats in an area will attract entire males with the attendant problems of spraying, fighting and caterwauling. There is another reason for cats to carry out this unusual behavior. Female cats that are on heat behave quite oddly and are quite uncomfortable until they have done the deed. Litters are most commonly of 3-6 kittens, but a single litter may have as many as nine. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. For early bloomers, it can be as young as 4 months. Certainly they have an urge to mate in both genders. There are already too many cats born each year and sadly, many are destroyed. However, the super-fertility of cats means that once she gets started, the female is capable of having a number of partners, and bearing kittens from several fathers in the same litter. They are, for example, more responsive than newborn puppies. Siamese kittens sometimes become sexually mature as young as 4 months old, while it might take a rather late-blooming Persian kitty up to almost a full year. 11, 63 Certain patterns associated with sexual behavior appear before true sexual maturity and are … Female cats, which don’t undergo the procedure prior to their first heat, have a higher risk of uterus infections or breast cancer. In male cats, it is a mating ritual. A heat period lasts about 4 to 7 days if the cat is mated, and longer otherwise. Toms reach puberty at about 6 months of age and fertility can last 14 years or more. When a female cat becomes sexually mature, she'll start going into heat every few weeks. When it comes to the males, cats neutered early in life boast a lesser risk of prostate infections. So for instance, a … This is where she will give birth. It is therefore important that the cats are neutered as early as possible. Let’s first look at sexual maturity and what it involves. This time frame varies among individual kittens. Both male and female kittens generally become reproductively mature somewhere between 5 and 8 months old. You may notice her placing her body in a mating position frequently, with her rear end slightly elevated. On an average, male kittens start spraying when they reach sexual maturity---this typically happens when they're around 6 months in age and, people usually get their kitties neutered around that age. It has been estimated that in a 12-year lifespan, without human intervention, a single female cat could be responsible for as many as 3500 descendants. In most parts of the USA, the typical “breeding season” of cats lasts from late January or February through September. The normal age for onset of sexual maturity in female cats is 6 to 9 months of age, but some cats begin as early as 4 or 5 months which can surprise their owners. When you first bring a tiny, fuzzy young kitten home to your care, the notion of him becoming sexually mature seems a million years away. It is a good idea not to disturb her in her nesting place. Your cat now isn’t in heat. Female cats -- also known as queen cats -- usually go into puberty at around 6 months, although it varies case by case. Although fertility may gradually decline over time, cats do not go through "the menopause". It does not matter if they are different ages, as long as they are both sexually mature. A newborn kitten has a very good sense of smell and she will soon select a teat to feed from and will suck at no other. It sounds like it probably is a sexual behavior, almost like kitty masturbating, and it is apparently quite normal. A kitten will be ready to play at three weeks old and will be fully weaned by 8 weeks. Some people are creeped out when their cats get jiggy with soft objects, but masturbation happens, and it's as natural for them as it is for us. The basic rule of thumb is that the average-sized cat will gain about one pound a month, so at six months of age, your kitten should weigh about six pounds with a lanky torso and legs. Anyone who has lived with a calling cat will understand why the term is so apt, as she will indeed call, normally loudly and incessantly. Responsibility is … Other indicative signs are excessive yowling and meowing, irritability, urine spraying, restlessness and just like the male counterparts, attempts to run away from the home. Males mature a bit later but both sexes can breed before they are a year old. i have had pets for a number of years the average seems to be between 5 and 7 months old that they are sexually active. Some cats can start doing this if there is a change in their environment that they don't like, but sometimes there is no known cause. Both male and female kittens generally become reproductively mature somewhere between 5 and 8 months old. Punishing the behaviour is not advised as it … However, in some cases, even the neutering the kitty doesn’t work so, you need to look at alternatives and behavior changes. The average female cat will first go into heat (or cycle) between 6-9 months of age, but heat cycles can start as early as 4 months of age and as late as 12 months. If a female cat continues to show signs of heat several weeks after she was spayed, there is a possibility that some active ovarian tissue is present in her abdomen. Other signs of maturity include urine spraying to communicate with female cats, nighttime "calling" vocalization and constant attempts to escape your home and wander outdoors. The mother's eggs are fertilised in the oviduct and arrive in the uterus 4-5 days after mating. At the same time, codependent genes related to other features such as reproductive behavior and physiology can also be changed. Female cats will ‘call’ (come into season and be receptive to the male cat) regularly, about every three weeks during sexually active times of the year if they do not get pregnant. In northern Europe it is usual for domestic female cats to come into heat (oestrus cycle) in January and then again in June.The oestrus cycle is the period in the female reproduction cycle when mating is most likely to occur. Indeed the oldest cat to have a litter was Litty, who gave birth to two kittens in May 1987 when she was 30 years old. With this birthrate it is no wonder than left to itself the feline population will quickly run out of control. Although female can become pregnant at any time of the year, there are specific mating seasons when cats become sexually active. Unneutered males younger than six months old may be interested in unspayed females in heat and may sniff a female's genital area. Male and female cats are essentially gender-neutral except when a female is in heat. If you ever had a queen in heat you see that this releives some of her ‘sexual’ tention. Most male cats reach sexual maturity at 8-12 months of age. Myth #8: Neutering is very costly. However, you should NEVER breed a kitten when it is only just old enough. You can identify an intact male cat by his thick neck and fleshy cheek jowls, which make him look like a prize fighter. Your cat may start acting in a manner that is uncharacteristically affectionate, head-butting you and rubbing against your legs all of the time. Female cats use this monotone meow to solicit males and it may last up to 3 minutes non-stop. in both sexes. In the wild, however, cats may not reach this degree of maturity until 18 months of age. The Cat Sex Act. In most cases, getting the cat neutered will help with the spraying situation. If you do not spay your cat, you will find she is more territorial and will mark or even spray to expand her territory when she is ready to mate. In northern Europe it is usual for domestic female cats to come into heat (oestrus cycle) in January and then again in June.The oestrus cycle is the period in the female reproduction cycle when mating is most likely to occur. The signs of heat in felines are usually apparent. and female become sexually mature - and start to become sexually active - from the age of around 6 months old (sometimes slightly younger). When a female cat is in season or oestrus, she is said to be "in call". At six months of age, your kitten may look like a little adult, but that doesn't mean it has reached its adult size. Although female can become pregnant at any time of the year, there are specific mating seasons when cats become sexually active. Unfortunately four of the kittens were stillborn. That depends on what you mean by enjoyment.
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