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Sustainable Livelihoods

Priority Goal:
To enhance Agricultural production at household level to guarantee sustainable livelihoods.

Sustainable livelihood is key for the productivity of people at the household level in particular and national level in general. IECD’s projects integrate cultural approaches that help to make poverty alleviation strategies highly relevant and more effective at the local level since they respond to local specificities. Empowering women is a core element and one of the strongest drivers in improving livelihoods, building individual self-confidence and creating sustainable social, economic and civic developments.

At IECD, we know that culture includes a broad range of social and cultural norms that strongly influence how the poor are able to interact with the institutions that affect their livelihoods. It’s therefore the focus of IECD that we seek to increase food security and agricultural diversity to guarantee the needs of not only individuals at the household level but also needs of the country as a whole. At IECD, we embrace the notion that Community Development is about developing the power, skills, knowledge and experience of people as individuals and in groups, thus enabling them to undertake initiatives of their own to combat social, economic, political and environmental problems, and enabling them to fully participate in truly democratic processes. We note that the process is dynamic and that people combine activities to meet their various needs at different times.

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