Priority Goal
To increase the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of households so as to enhance their productivity.

Basic health whether it is maternal, nutritional, hygiene-related or, infectious is the greatest impediment to improved livelihoods. Preventable diseases are cutting a terrible swath through our population, creating a generation of orphans who are left to no ones care. Malaria kills thousands of people every year in Uganda, mostly children. Manifestly, health is not sustainable in much of Uganda and the situation is not getting any better. In this setting, several kinds of cultural actions are urgently required to achieve sustainable health. We front community education as a way to improve health awareness. We engage in projects that prioritizes practical initiatives along massive community education and training as a means of creating awareness of social determinants of good health. We also emphasize massive public health activities that control the HIV/AIDS pandemic, malaria, maternal issues, hygiene-related and other tropical infectious diseases, and with almost equal urgency, to control other infectious and nutritional deficiency diseases, especially among children. Readmore

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