About Us

Melo Group Africa Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Uganda in 2010. Its head office is in Kampala. It also has branches in London (UK), Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DRcongo, and Zambia.
Melo Group Africa Limited is an international investment company dealing in a wide range of enterprises. These include; commercial agriculture, livestock feeds, residential and commercial housing developments, imports and exports, distribution channels, supply chain management and textiles among others. It offers consultancy and advisory services to companies and individuals looking to invest in the Ugandan market. Owing to the immense business opportunities available in Uganda and the favorable investment climate Melo Group Africa Limited is currently seeking for reputable and established companies to partner with to form joint ventures in a variety of sectors.
Melo Group Africa Limited has in-depth knowledge of the Uganda business environment and has fostered a close working relationship with the Government of Uganda. This experience enables us to easily facilitate and support new companies coming into Uganda.
Melo Group Africa Limited has introduced several companies into the country assisting them to profitably implement and roll out their enterprises. The company has also formed joint ventures with several companies from Europe, Asia in the pursuit of common business objectives. Among them include, LycaMobile UK, Zenith Transportation and Logistics,
Melo Group Africa Limited offers expertise and contacts through its extensive network of specialists in Uganda. We provide companies with the tools they require to be competitive in the Ugandan market. Melo Group Africa Limited helps companies to increase their competitiveness and also offers professional, authoritative and personalized assistance to help companies in Uganda locate and expand their enterprises.
Melo Group Africa Limited works to boost the Uganda’s reputation as a place to do business, brokers commercial partnerships so as to increase the country’s foreign direct investment.