Melo Distribution

East-AfricaThis subsidiary is into full time distribution and supply chain logistics. It’s the transportation solution to the Group and her clients; we have our own leased warehouses, distribution vans, trucks and box bodies we use to deliver goods to our customers. We deal in supply of fast moving goods and household essentials like sugar, rice, milk, baby food, energy drinks, herbals, etc

Our products are sourced both locally and internationally. We operate a product showroom at Plot 31, Marinaz plaza, 2nd floor along Martin road in Kampala Uganda, where over one hundred (100) global manufacturing companies have provided us with their products samples, products literature, quotations, shipping information, customs taxes and our role is to find local partners or buyers throughout Africa. And also local companies have provided us similar information to find them export markets. We offer online negotiations, Skype and video conference meetings between factories and African potential buyers. This has simplified business costs and saves time between the two. Our main targets are Eastern Europe and Asian factories. Theses have direct relationship with African emerging markets.

distribution structure