Melo Green Planet Ltd

This is an independent subsidiary of Melo Group Africa Ltd that focuses on climate change intervention initiatives and creating food security. It’s run by highly experienced professional teams and global partners. We target having sufficient food supply for humans, livestock and aqua life starting with Uganda the once East African food basket. We are growing banana, maize, Irish potato, cassava, etc which all have forward and backward linkages with livestock. We are working with both Central government through operation wealth creation and Buganda Kingdom-BUCADEF.

Through partnership with AGT Foods Ltd, , we have opened up various distribution outlets of fresh banana and tropical fruits in UAE, Europe, USA and different African markets.

Tissue cultured banana plantlets/seedlings, into banana plantation, and final value addition for export. Matooke peeled, vacuum parked ready for export.

In a bid to address food insecurity and climatic changes, Africa’s greatest challenges of the 21st century and generations to come, Melo Green Planet Ltd has taken on serious initiatives to mitigate these challenges starting humbly in Uganda. We plan in the future to roll out to other African countries. We thank the different partners and international funding community that have come to our cause.

We are into agro-value addition chain; in partnership with GreenFeed Vietnam Corporation, we manufacture high quality aqua, poultry and animal feeds at our factory located in wakiso district. This has come as a great relief and big solution to farmers who have for long suffered the poor quality and insufficient supply of aqua feeds, poultry and animal feeds.

In the near future plan is establishing large scale commercial hatchery plants to supply high quality, aqua fish fries and day old chicks.

Coffee Center of excellence


“…Establishing a coffee center of Excellency in Uganda, targeting 6metric tone output per hectare and value addition to achieve the 20million bags production by 2020, through technological transfer, benchmark from Vietnam coffee sector….”

 Coffee is Uganda leading traditional export cash crop, the government has set up initiatives to

revive this cash crop. Melo green Planet Ltd, in partnership with Vietnam, AGT Laboratories Ltd, have taken up the mantle to contribute to this noble cause.

plantation         pla

Coffee seedlings under green houses, with our partner showcasing irrigation systems as an alternative for sustainable farming.

Melo Café

Apart from growing coffee at a commercial scale and generation of high yielding, resistant tissue cultured coffee seedlings, we are into coffee processing and export to Europe, UAE, USA and Asia, yet locally we roast and have final product for consumption. This is promoting the coffee drinking culture. We strive to make our brand “Melo Café,” a household name as a sign of premium quality.