Melo Oil & Gas

We are specialized in supplying of high quality, tested, chemicals most required in the exploring, mining, drilling, processing, of oil and gas, these may include, Calcium Chloride 94-95% purity, powder -, Durcal, Safe-Carb, Citric Acid, Salt PVD (Non-iodated, at least 99% purity), Pottassium Chloride 98% purity, Bentonite, Mica Coarse, Mica Medium, Lime, Potassium Chloride , Defoam A , Mikhart, Aluminum sulphate, Barite 4.20 SG and 4.10 SG, among others. We also undertake the distribution of oil and gas products, both locally and internationally.
melo oil
We deal in all oil related products and by-products, including importing and exporting of the same oil and gas products. Proving support services to oil and gas industry ranging from skilled labor, mechanics, technicians, welders, logistics, extra, vending gas on the assorted loco-motives, for commission and percentage share, from the global suppliers. Being agents, partners and franchise managers of assorted oil and gas multi-national companies that are operating with/out Uganda.