Head office: Plot 31, Martin Road, Old Kampala Uganda, Tel: +256 772 587 752 Email pharma@melogroupafrica.com, info@melogroupafrica.com

This subsidiary was incorporated in Uganda October 2016, registration Number 229947 TIN 1009592276.
The utmost objective of setting up this company is to carry on the business of contract manufacturing and importation of high quality yet affordable medicines and distribution of pharmaceuticals products, medical sundries and equipments, chemicals, undertake research, agro-inputs and farm equipments. In summary, we deal in Human range of drugs, veterinary, crop health and public health.



To be a pace setting Conglomerate in domestic and International pharmaceutical markets, providing effective and affordable pharmaceuticals products and services to our clients.


To be a dynamic, Flagship Ugandan Conglomerate providing quality product, services and manufactured goods in domestic and international markets.

Core Business

Our core business is basically into three categories, i.e.;- veterinary, Human health, Crop protection.
Veterinary drugs Importation, distribution & Consulting, this is our key roll out section of the pharmaceutical business, targeting to address;-
– Animal Health, in regards to cattle, we have put our efforts to address the East coast Fever, (ECF) the current biggest challenge to our farmers.EFC last year alone claimed lives of more than 1.5million animals in Uganda alone, yet it’s an east African disease. We have introduced Hantox 200; (acaricides) whose efficacy is very good yet cost friendly to the end users with no side effects to both the animals and the farmer. Please contact our Veterinary Consultant:

Dr. Daniel Kasibule on Hotline +256772587752 for immediate free consulting services. (We are also the sole distributors of Hanvet products in East Africa. www.hanvet.com.vn )

– We have developed distribution channels across the country to deliver real time stocks farmers and also to our customers around the neighboring countries, like Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Sothern Sudan and Eastern Democratic Republic of Cong.

– In Uganda we offer free consulting services to all our farmers and sub distributors. Should you require reference about our services, please contact the chairperson or members of Renaissance Livestock Farmers Network- RELINE; (www.relineuganda.net) and Africa Agribusiness Academy, (www.aa-academy.org) (AAA) who are enjoying our services.