Human Health

Melo group_human_healthUnder this category, we are mandated to find local partners/distributors in the entire Africa for our partners, DGH Pharma Corporation. In Uganda, we shall be doing the distribution of their range of products in antibiotics, Analgesics-Antipyretics, Respiratory, Nutritional, musculoskeletal, Digestives, Ophthalmic-Nervous system, Cardiovascular-Diabetic, Hepatic and Biliary, skin care.
– We are also distributing medical sundries and equipments, to NGO, hospitals and we have tendered to government stores, so as to enlarge our market base.
– We are working strategies, and campaigns to educate the public on the urgent need for nutritional methods and dietary management for healthier living.
– Regionally, we work with Cipla Quality Chemicals Limited in the distribution of ARVs and anti-malarial, through our partners we are running distribution channels in Tanzania and Zambia.(

Crop protection and Public health.

– We have not yet started this department. We are still looking for high quality proven manufacturing partners, as we also develop internal capacity to handle its expansive nature, well knowing that Uganda’s population is 70% based on Agriculture.