Uganda Vietnam Business Forum

About the Business forum


The Uganda Vietnam Business Forum, is nonprofit organization that was incorporated under the laws of Uganda, on 2nd September 2015. This was an initiative by the Vietnam Embassy in Tanzania, as follow up after a team of Ugandan businessmen facilitated the Vietnam Ambassador during the presentation of credentials to the President of Uganda, on 20th May 2015. The ultimate objective of the Business forum is to promote friendship and exchange of information between the two countries, Vietnam and Uganda/Africa for mutual benefit to the citizenry.

Vietnam-Uganda Product Showroom

In an attempt to realize the objectives of the business forum, the founding members thought it imperative to set up a permanent “Import and Export product Show Room” -information hub, to show case products/services and disseminate information about the existing different products/services and investment opportunities in different sectors in both countries.

 Investment opportunities in Uganda and African emerging markets

Uganda has population above 38million,and its is centrally located in the middle of six East African countries of, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Sudan, making a market force of approximately over 200million people. For Uganda Investment incentives, Please visit: for regional investment incentives please visit: . “Thus setting foot in Uganda using your product and services, is your first footstep into African potential market”

 Objectives of the Product Showroom

a) Medium term;
At the moment, given that both Vietnamese and African companies are still skeptical about venturing and investing in both African and Vietnam markets respectively, trading/distribution option is very crucial for both parties to build trust, financial systems and mutual friendship.

b) Long term;
The showroom will encourage both Governments to harness commercial diplomacy, promote conducive investments climate and the private sector to establish rapport as they pursue relevant manufacturing and industrial options after trading feedback.

 Mutual benefits to participating companies,

a) Vietnamese companies,
i) Promotion of Government to government relations in order to boost Business and tap into the opportunities from either Countries,
ii) The showroom will simplify Sourcing from either country by showcasing available Products on the Market; therefore Importers from either country can easily make orders without necessarily continuous travelling.
iii) Vietnam Companies will benefit from both the wider African market with a population of over 900million people and the Regional East African market of 200m residents.
iv) Currently, Uganda alone with a population of about 38million people is importing goods worth 6Billion USD Globally while from China alone Uganda imports goods worth 800million USD and from India 1.5Billion USD Imports respectively. Therefore the establishment of Uganda Vietnam Product Showroom will greatly and positively influence Vietnam entry and Share into Africa’s wider emerging Markets.
v) Vietnamese companies will get the chance to understanding the different incentives offered for the establishment of 100% foreign owned companies in Africa and also test the trust for African would be partners with minimal risk.

b) African companies
i) Vietnam is among the few countries with highly developed technological systems hence Africa companies will tap into the much needed technological transfer in all sectors.
ii) Establishment of export markets for comparative advantage, like cashew nuts, lint cotton, minerals, timber, hides & skins, among others
iii) Value addition and promotion of cottage industries, this product showroom will give relevant information on how Ugandan/African companies can do value addition for their products to become competitive on the world market.
iv) Information sharing and identifying Vietnam companies that need partners for joint ventures.

 Implementation Plan

a) Vietnam Terminal:
i) Arrange a coordination office space with Skelton staff, for receiving samples, customers, and following up on orders.
ii) Coordinate with shipping & Logistics companies, to handle exports to African customers
iii) Source for suppliers and avail information on the African companies looking for Vietnam partners.
iv) Receive payments for shipping, marketing, and provide all relevant information to both the member companies and both Governments
b) Uganda-African Terminal,
i) Handle the inland haulage, customs clearance, and provide all required information to interested parties.
ii) Aggressive marketing for the products of subscribing companies, through print, visual, audio, online social media and sending field sales teams in the market.
iii) Manage an online showroom, to allow conference meetings, online orders, inquiries etc
iv) Arrange travel visas, provide market information on Vietnam products, book meeting schedule and itinerary
v) Create a data bank and feedback systems on every specific product/service to allow the manufacturing companies update their Research and Development departments.
vi) Generate business for all companies and give back to communities through corporate social responsibility.