I did not know how to write my name but now i can read and write

Louse Paul of Atukumum FAL class in Akalale parish in Lokopo sub county is among the so many in the FAL centers who before FAL was introduced under Nuyok didn’t know what FAL was, its importance and didn’t know how to write his name and signature.  “Since NUYOK introduced the FAL programme and the subsequent lessons, I have learnt vowels, consonants, syllables, numeracy among others and I have known how to read and identify vowels, consonants. I have realized the importance of FAL in my live and community, and now I have also known numeracy from 0-20”. Paul now knows how to write his name, sign in any meetings he goes to and now prays for NUYOK to be there because it has opened his eyes through FAL and he now encourages children to go to school because initially when people were talking of education, for him it was something not important and he was living in darkness because he didn’t know how to write his name and sign which he now knows.