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Online Data Communications

In compliance with the provisions outlined in the Uganda Communications Act of 2023, specifically in sections 2, 5, and 27, as well as the guidelines stipulated in Regulation 5 of the Uganda Communications (Content) Regulations 2019, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) holds the mandate to license, oversee, and establish industry standards for the delivery of communication services within Uganda. This encompassing authority extends to various communication channels, including radio communication and online broadcasting. The primary objective of regulating these communication services is to advance and safeguard the interests of consumers, viewers, and listeners alike.

UCC is entrusted with the authorization and regulation of a diverse array of online data communication and broadcasting services. This comprehensive portfolio includes blogs, online television, online radio, online newspapers, audio over IP (AoIP), Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), Video on Demand (VoD), Digital Audio radios and televisions, as well as internet and web-based radio and television services. The oversight and regulation of these platforms are integral to fostering a robust and consumer-friendly communication landscape within Uganda. The Application for Online Data Communication Services is available at

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